Welcome to the Loving Land of Uncle Ed!

We’re building a playground for your heart and mind! Visit us regularly and discover new areas to explore!

Uncle Ed has come to us from a wonderful land where all parents become children and all children become wise.

This wonderful land is not where you can point your finger to, because it is located deep within the hearts and minds of all parents and children. All those who reach and dwell in this place of great happiness and friendship have developed a unique way of seeing things.

They see deeper meaning in everything they gaze upon.

These loving people could be standing right next to you and observe a much different world from what your normal eyes have become accustomed to see. Uncle Ed has created a series of stories so that all parents and their children can also begin to see into this wonderful Land of Love.

It is my greatest desire that both parents and children enter into this angelic land together, where they can create stronger bonds of love and learning!


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