Tales for Children and the Wise



Cupid and the King of Muck is the first book in a series that represents a unique new form of storytelling. There are two kinds of innocence in the world—the innocence of children and the innocence of the wise.

This special limited-edition series from Uncle Ed is written to bring out the inner child in the parent and the wisdom in the child. Each book in the series includes a list of questions to help spark the kind of discussions that bring parents and children closer—essential in these times when busy families are challenged for time together and even more challenged for the opportunity to connect on meaningful topics that help kids grow with confidence, humor and love.

This ageless tale borrows symbolic ideas from holy scripture, powerful cultural traditions and spiritual values to create a brand new story filled with fantasy and layered with inner meaning. Now all generations of the family can create stronger bonds of love and learning by sharing a story that reaches deep into the human, God-created essence of true love and goodness.

This “read together” book represents an insightful journey into metaphor that can be described variously as “a children’s story for the wise” or a “grown-up story for the inner child.”